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Celebrate Presidents' Day On Feb. 20

Celebrate Presidents' Day On Feb. 20
Posted in Donate Car the United States Blog, Monday, February 20, 2017

Originally celebrated in 1885 in honor of George Washington's Birthday on Feb. 22, Presidents' Day is now celebrated the third Monday in February. Presidents' Day will be celebrated on Feb. 20 this year and it is a great time to reflect on all of the hard and important work presidents have done throughout our nation's history. 

Rather than just celebrate Washington's Birthday, some states use Presidents' Day to celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s birthday as well, which is Feb. 12. Throughout the country, though, it is common to celebrate all past and present presidents on Presidents' Day.

Learn More About George Washington On Presidents' Day

Today people probably associate Presidents' Day mostly with great sales, but there is a lot more to it than that. Presidents' Day is a great opportunity to refresh your memory on some facts about George Washington and learn more about the holiday we celebrate in his honor. 

Benefit Veterans With A Car Donation

Although Presidents' Day is meant to honor our nation's presidents, it is also one of the better days to get a deal on a new car. If you do get a new car this Presidents' Day, consider donating your old car to Vehicles For Veterans benefiting disabled and other veteran programs. To donate your car, truck, boat, RV or motorcycle, please call 1-866-920-1917 or fill out our online car donation form.

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