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7 Tips For Avoiding Car TheftMonday, April 24, 2017

7 Tips For Avoiding Car Theft

Although new cars are getting more and more difficult to break in to and steal, car theft still happens. In fact, a car is stolen every 43 seconds in the U.S. Over the course of a year, that adds up to almost a million vehicles. Following these safety tips may help protect your car from becoming a statistic. 

5 Car Cleaning Tips And TricksMonday, April 17, 2017

5 Car Cleaning Tips And Tricks

Spring is in the air and everyone is getting ready to start deep cleaning after the long winter. This is also a great time to clean out your car. This list will help you clean your vehicle more efficiently, knowing how hard it can be to clean every area of your car.   

2017 Air Force Reserve Birthday Is April 14Friday, April 14, 2017

Fighter jetToday the Air Force Reserve celebrates its 69th birthday. Harry S. Truman created the Air Force Reserve in 1948 as a "Stand By" force that would provide backup support in times of greater need. Today the Reserves perform about 20 percent of the duties carried out by the Air Force.

7 Vehicle Maintenance Myths That Will Have You BaffledTuesday, April 11, 2017

7 Vehicle Maintenance Myths That Will Have You Baffled

A lot of mechanics will have you making unnecessary repairs and have you over-maintaining your vehicle. This causes you to spend hundreds of dollars on unneeded maintenance. So here are seven ways you can start saving money on your car.

Support Military Families On Gold Star Wives’ DayWednesday, April 5, 2017

Support Military Families On Gold Star Wives’ Day

April 5 is Gold Star Wives’ Day—a day to honor the spouses and families of fallen service members and to create awareness of what a Gold Star Family Member is. If you are unsure of who the Gold Star Wives are, what they represent or how to observe Gold Star Wives’ Day, here is some information and history:

Counseling Awareness Month 2017Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Group therapyApril is Counseling Awareness Month. While other months focus on bringing understanding and awareness to mental health issues, April focuses on recognizing mental health professionals. The American Counseling Association brings attention to the important work that counselors do every day in schools, hospitals, addiction recovery facilities and even career counseling centers. 

7 Fun Activities To Show Support To Our Military ChildrenSaturday, April 1, 2017

7 Fun Activities To Show Support To Our Military Children

In 1986, Casper Weinberger designated April to be Month of the Military Child. He wanted there to be a month that recognized and thanked military children. The purple up campaign is designed to honor Military Children by having many different activities during the month of April, to help acknowledge and support military kids. 

Commemorate Vietnam Veterans DayWednesday, March 29, 2017

Commemorate Vietnam Veterans Day

March 29 is Vietnam Veterans Day. This day officially commemorates the same day in 1973 on which the last U.S. troops arrived on American soil. 

Heroes Walk Among Us Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Heroes Walk Among Us

Today is National Medal of Honor Day. The first Medal of Honor action was awarded to assistant surgeon Bernard J.D. Irwin, serving in the first major U.S. Apache conflict. Irwin led a group of 14 men who helped aid 60 men who were surrounded by the Chiricahua Apaches in 1861. The Medal of Honor award was not created till 1862, and it wasn’t until 1894 when Irwin received his medal. Since the first award was given there have been many brave men and women who have also received this honor. Here is what you need to know about the Medal of Honor:

9 Simple Ways To Support And Honor VeteransMonday, March 20, 2017

9 Simple Ways To Support And Honor Veterans

Many people want to support charity but face obstacles that make it difficult to do so. Whether it's a constraint on one's time or budget, it sometimes seems impossible to give as much as you wish you could. Here are a few simple ways to make a difference in the lives of veterans without spending a lot of money.