What Is Flag Day?

What Is Flag Day?

Do you ever wonder about Flag Day, like a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered? On this day, the nation honors the emblem that binds Americans together, the Stars and Stripes.

American flags in a field in front of a gazebo
Flag Day is a great time to reflect on America, and benefit U.S. veterans.

Imagine a tapestry woven with the threads of unity and patriotism, each star and stripe representing a state or colony standing as one.

As you explore the stories and customs surrounding this pivotal day, you'll unravel the profound symbolism and reverence attached to the beloved flag.

What is Flag Day? That's a question the American Flag Day Association tries to answer by educating the public about the Flag Resolution, the Flag Protection Act, the Flag Code and more on June 14 each year.

Join the festivities and uncover the rich importance of Flag Day in the United States.

History of National Flag Day

When it comes to understanding the significance of Flag Day, it's important to delve into the story of National Flag Day. The American flag, with its stars and stripes, holds a deep-rooted tradition that dates back to the Continental Congress in 1777.

This iconic flag was adopted as a symbol of unity and freedom for the newly formed United States of America. The vision of George Washington and the craftsmanship of Betsy Ross played pivotal roles in shaping the design of the American flag that we proudly salute today.

National Flag Day, observed on June 14, commemorates the day when the Stars and Stripes were officially recognized as the emblem of the nation. This day is a part a time when Americans reflect on the values and principles that the flag represents.

The rich tapestry woven into the American flag symbolizes the sacrifices, struggles, and triumphs of the nation.

Embrace the legacy of the flag as you celebrate National Flag Day with pride and honor.

How To Celebrate National Flag Week

Immerse yourself in the spirit of National Flag Week by proudly displaying the American flag outside your home, participating in vibrant parades and ceremonies, and attending other patriotic events.

Take the opportunity to deepen your understanding of the flag's significance, and consider supporting U.S. veterans charities through meaningful gestures like donating a car.

Let your patriotism shine brightly during this special time dedicated to honoring the Stars and Stripes and the values it represents.

Fly The American Flag

Proudly display the American flag outside your home to celebrate Flag Day on June 14. Here are some tips to properly display the flag:

1. Position: Place the flag on a pole or hang it vertically with the union (blue section with stars) at the peak.

2. Lighting: Ensure the flag is well-lit if displayed at night.

3. Maintenance: Regularly inspect the flag for wear and tear, replacing it if necessary.

4. Respect: Follow the guidelines outlined in the U.S. Flag Code to show respect for the national flag.

Attend Parades, Ceremonies, Or Other Patriotic Events

To fully embrace the festivities, participate in flag-themed parades, ceremonies, or other patriotic events. Immerse yourself in the rich history and tradition of the flag by attending these vibrant celebrations.

From the fluttering American flags lining the streets to the stirring ceremonies honoring the symbol of our nation, each event offers a unique opportunity to celebrate Flag Day. Join in the festivities, feel the sense of unity and pride as you witness the red, white, and blue waving proudly in the air.

Let the spirit of patriotism wash over you as you commemorate this important day in American history. After experiencing these events, you'll be inspired to delve deeper into the significance of the flag.

Learn About The United States Flag

Start by exploring the history and symbolism of the flag. Here are some intriguing facts to get you started:

1. The flag was officially adopted on June 14, 1777, making Flag Day an annual observance.

2. President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed Flag Day as an official federal holiday in 1916, thanks to the efforts of the National Flag Day Foundation.

3. Delve into the history of the flag, from the design of the first flag to its evolution over time.

4. Imagine the stories behind each star and stripe as if you were a history teacher revealing secrets of the nation's pride.

Ready to dive deeper into the significance of the flag before discovering how you can support U.S. veterans charities with a car donation?

Support U.S. Veterans Charities With A Car Donation

Considering supporting U.S. veterans charities by making a car donation to celebrate. This week, dedicated to honoring the American flag, coincides with Flag Day on June 14.

The flag, symbolizing freedom and unity, holds historic significance with its thirteen stripes representing the original thirteen colonies and the thirteen stars for each state.

Donating your car to benefit veterans charities not only helps those who've served our country but also pays tribute to the flag they fought to protect. Vehicles For Veterans is the car donation organization making the largest impact on improving the lives of U.S. veterans.

Here's how Vehicles For Veterans car donation works:

  1. You call us at 1-855-811-4838 or fill out our online donation form to donate your vehicle.
  2. We come to you with free towing for your car donation.
  3. We auction or recycle the vehicle, getting the most possible value out of the vehicle.
  4. We donate the proceeds to an amazing U.S. veterans charity. We work with Folds of Honor, The Gary Sinise Foundation, Operation Homefront, Oscar Mike Foundation, Veterans Airlift Command, and several more deserving veterans charities.
  5. After your generous car donation is complete, we mail your tax-deductible receipt. Use it on your 1098-c tax form to claim a great tax deduction!
big check from Vehicles For Veterans presented to Oscar Mike Foundation
Your generous vehicle donation funds amazing veteran charities like the Oscar Mike Foundation.

Biggest Flag Day Events In The U.S.

Picture this: The vibrant Appleton, Wisconsin Flag Day Parade; the patriotic Fairfield, Washington celebrations; the grand Quincy Massachusetts Fireworks and Giant American Flag event; and the impressive World's Largest Flag Day Parade in Three Oaks, Michigan.

These are just a taste of the biggest Flag Day events in the U.S., each one promising an unforgettable celebration filled with American pride and unity.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a sea of red, white, and blue as these events showcase the true spirit of Flag Day across the nation.

Appleton, Wisconsin Flag Day Parade

During the Appleton, Wisconsin Flag Day Parade, just 30 minutes south of Green Bay, you can witness one of the biggest Flag Day events in the U.S. Get ready for a patriotic extravaganza that celebrates the American flag in all its glory. Here's what to expect:

1. Historical Significance: Learn about the origins of Flag Day and why it's a day cherished by Americans across the country.

2. Colorful Displays: Watch as the streets come alive with the vibrant red, white, and blue of the American flag.

3. Community Spirit: Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere as locals come together to honor the stars and stripes.

4. Pride and Patriotism: Feel the pride swell in your chest as you witness a tradition that dates back to a presidential proclamation.

Fairfield, Washington: The Town That Celebrates Flag Day

If you're heading 40 minutes south of Spokane, in Fairfield, Washington, you'll experience one of the biggest Flag Day events in the U.S. The town of Fairfield wholeheartedly celebrates this patriotic observance with a rich history deeply intertwined with flags.

Each Flag Day, the community comes together to honor this tradition with grandeur. The flags fluttering in the wind tell a story of unity, pride, and respect for the nation's emblem.

Fairfield, Washington, transforms into a spectacle of colors and patriotism during this annual celebration, drawing visitors from far and wide to witness the town's deep-rooted connection to the flag.

Don't miss this chance to be part of a tradition that encapsulates the true spirit of Flag Day in the heart of Fairfield, Washington.

Quincy Massachusetts Fireworks and Giant American Flag Celebration

You'll find one of the biggest Flag Day events in the U.S. a half hour south of Boston in Quincy, Massachusetts, where fireworks light up the sky and a giant American flag waves proudly. Here's what makes this celebration so special:

1. Historical Significance: Quincy's festivities date back to the Second Continental Congress in 1777, making it a tradition with deep roots.

2. Patriotic Symbolism: The giant American flag, similar to the one sewn by Betsy Ross, is a powerful representation of unity and freedom.

3. Magnificent Display: The stars arranged in perfect precision on the massive flag evoke a sense of awe and admiration.

4. Legal Recognition: Quincy's celebration has been acknowledged by the Supreme Court, solidifying its importance in honoring the national flag.

Join the revelry in Quincy for an unforgettable Flag Day experience!

The World's Largest Flag Day Parade In Three Oaks, Michigan

About an hour southwest of Kalamazoo, in Three Oaks, Michigan on Flag Day, you'll witness the World's Largest Flag Day Parade. This grand event showcases the true spirit of patriotism, with a dazzling display of the flag waving proudly along the parade route.

As you line the streets of Three Oaks, Michigan, you'll feel the energy and excitement building as the procession of colorful floats, marching bands, and community groups make their way through town. The sound of drums beating and horns blaring fills the air, creating a festive atmosphere that's unmatched.

Families come together, children cheer, and visitors from all over the country marvel at the spectacle unfolding before their eyes. It's a celebration of the red, white, and blue like no other, making Three Oaks, Michigan, the center of Flag Day festivities in the United States.


Now that you've explored the rich history and traditions of Flag Day, it's time to join in the celebration and honor the symbol of unity and pride that's the American flag.

From learning about its adoption in 1777 to participating in festivities, you can show your patriotism and appreciation for the enduring values of freedom and democracy.

So go ahead, wave your flag high and celebrate this important national holiday with pride!

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