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Happy 380th Birthday National Guard Friday, December 9, 2016

Throughout history the National Guard has helped the U.S. overseas and in times of crisis at home. There have been many famous people to serve in the National Guard that you might not have known. Their achievements out of the military overshadowed their military roles.

History Of The U.S. Air ForceThursday, December 8, 2016

History Of The U.S. Air Force

On Sept. 18, 1947, the U.S. Air Force was born as an independent service equal to both the Navy and Army. However, the Air Force had a long history before that date and even more after. Here are some parts you need to know about the history of the Air Force:

It Was The Sand In Our OysterTuesday, December 6, 2016

It Was The Sand In Our Oyster

Today is the 75th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. The attack started at 7:53 a.m. and was over by 1 p.m. Many of us have seen the devastating photos of the attack that crippled our Pacific Fleet and probably have learned the history of the attack. However, did you know that there were also women who were based in Hawaii at this time? 

International Day Of People With Disabilities Saturday, December 3, 2016

International Day Of People With Disabilities

People with disabilities are considered the world's largest minority. Approximately 15 percent of the world's population, or one in seven people, has a disability. People with disabilities face a number of challenges on a daily basis, including physical barriers, societal attitudes, discrimination and restrictive policies. 

Famous War HeroesFriday, December 2, 2016

Famous War Heroes

We have had many war heroes throughout history that helped shape the way America is today.  Some heroes we know well and others might have been over looked. All soldiers deserve to have their story told.

Women Who Changed Military History Monday, November 21, 2016

Women Who Changed Military History

Though women have played a role in wars throughout history, it is only recently that women in the military were granted the same rights as men. Whether it meant serving as a nurse, helping away from the battlefield, taking up men's jobs during war time or even, in some cases, disguising themselves as men to fight in wars, women worked for a long time to have their war efforts recognized and validated. 

From The First Thanksgiving To Modern Day Thanksgiving Saturday, November 19, 2016

From The First Thanksgiving To Modern Day Thanksgiving

When we think of Thanksgiving, most of us know about the Mayflower and sitting down for a big feast. However, throughout the years the traditions have changed.    

November Is Family Caregivers MonthWednesday, November 16, 2016

November Is Family Caregivers Month

A family caregiver is someone who provides emotional or physical care for a disabled or elderly loved one at home. Many caregivers are family members who care for injured or disabled veterans as well. Anyone who's a family caregiver knows how important their work is for their loved ones. During National Family Caregivers Month in November, we're reminded to honor and support caregivers who spend much of their time and energy giving back to others.

3 Ways To Celebrate Veterans DayFriday, November 11, 2016

3 Ways To Celebrate Veterans Day

Veterans Day serves as a tribute to both living and passed American veterans. This Veterans Day, take time to give thanks to those living veterans who honorably served their country, and honor those who gave their lives for the United States. There are many ways to celebrate Veterans Day appropriately. This year, try to acknowledge all veterans living and passed, and try to give back too! Here are three simple things you can do to celebrate Veterans Day:

Celebrate The 241st Marine Corps Birthday With Random FactsThursday, November 10, 2016

Celebrate The 241st Marine Corps Birthday With Random Facts

The Marine Corps is older than the country itself. With its founding date on Nov. 10, 1775, the Marine Corps was almost a year old when the United States declared independence. Like any other birthday, the Marine Corps birthday is a time of celebration. For some, it is a time to look back fondly on the days in Okinawa, Parris Island or Camp Pendleton. For others, it is a time to remember fallen siblings in arms. For many, looking back to the day they received their Eagle, Globe and Anchor is how they celebrate. To help you celebrate the Marine Corps Birthday, here are some random facts about this branch of the Military: