Best Veteran Discount Car Rental Comparison

Best Veteran Discount Car Rental Comparison

There are plenty of military discounts to consider when renting a car as a U.S. servicemember. You can find discounted rates up to 35% and even waives on minimum age for renting a car. To get the maximum discount for renting a car we recommend having USAA as your insurance to add benefits like extra liability coverage and minimum age waiving.

The best veteran discounts for car rentals often come from pairing a servicemember membership with the right car rental company.

Whether you are traveling in Tampa, Boston, or anywhere else in the US, there are plenty of options when looking for that veteran car rental discount.

USAA & Veterans Advantage

Most importantly, when looking for veteran discounts through car rental programs, the biggest discount you can get is through a USAA membership or a Veterans Advantage membership.

USAA offers differ by car rental company:

Hertz: Discounts of up to 25% apply to time and mileage charges only.
Budget: Discounts of up to 35%
Avis: Discounts of up to 35%, only to the time and mileage charges of the rental.
Enterprise: Discounts of up to 5% apply to time and mileage charges only.

You'll receive waived fees vary by region but typical average value of non-USAA rental fees charged.

Underage driver fees waived (18-24 Hertz, Avis and Budget; 21-24 Enterprise). Waived fees vary but typical average value on Non USAA rental fees charged. Waiver of Underage Driver Fee is limited to USAA Insurance eligible members only.

Veterans Advantage offers:

Discounts on Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Dollar, Thrifty, National & Alamo of up to 25%. This is as much information as they have on their website.

Who Has The Best Veteran Discount Car Rental Program?

Before we dive into the details here are our top picks for the best veteran discount car rental program:

  1. Avis & Budget: 25% off discount with paid membership. With USAA you get a free upgrade and 30% off base rates.
  2. Enterprise: Highest ranking in satisfaction by J.D. Power, most locations worldwide, 21 to reserve/18 to rent, No additional fees, unlimited miles, primary liability, and loss damage limits included with USAA.
  3. Alamo: 5% off military discount and fees waived for active duty travel. (Partners with Veterans Advantage)
  4. Hertz: Free Upgrade and a 5-10% military discount. This discount applies to Thrifty Car Rental & Dollar Rent A Car as well. Recieve special offers through USAA.
  5. National: 5-10% military discount. Military is also able to claim a 20% discount when traveling on official orders (partners with Veterans Advantage).
  6. Sixt: 5% off automatically, 10% off with Veterans Advantage membership.
  7. Dollar Rent A Car: Get 5% off automatically and even more discounted for having a Veterans Advantage membership.
  8. Fox Rent A Car: 5% off personal travel.
  9. Europcar: Offers discounted rates for service members. (Partners with Veterans Advantage)
  10. Payless: No discount.

1. AVIS & Budget Rent A Car

Avis and Budget Rent A Car offer a 25% discount to military members.

Avis and Budget have the best military discount of the bunch. They take up to 25% off the entire rental rate. When you pair with USAA you get even more of a discount! Avis and Budget might have different rental rates but the discount remains the same. To get the most bang for your buck we highly recommend Avis and Budget.

Unlike some of the car rental companies on this list. Avis may not take off all of the fees. The Avis military discount may not include the under 25 age restriction fee. Avis will have more expensive rental cars than Budget but will have less expensive rates than Hertz & Enterprise.

You can check out the Avis military discount or the Budget military discount here.

2. Enterprise Rent A Car

Highest ranking in satisfaction by J.D. Power.

If you want the highest rated car rental company, go with Enterprise. They are one of the only rental companies that offers a military discount without a membership to USAA or Veterans Advantage. Get 5% off the base rate for any personal travel plus an extra discount from either USAA or Veterans Advantage.

Enterprise also owns National and Alamo so your rates with these companies will be similar. Enterprise also extends the discount to service member's families.

Find the right military discount for you and your family.

Waive the under 25 age requirement at any of the 9,500 locations worldwide. You'll need to be 21 to reserve a car but only 18 to rent. Check out the Enterprise Rent A Car military discount here.

3. Alamo

5% off military discount.

Although your discount will depend on the location, vehicle type, and dates of rental, Alamo offers a great 5% off military discount. Find more on discounted rental rates to any servicemember and their immediate family.

4. Hertz

Free Upgrade and a 5-10% military discount.

The Hertz military discount offers unique rewards like free upgrades and up to 10% military discount. Take off even more when you partner with USAA or Veterans Advantage. You'll also receive a free Hertz Gold Plus Rewards membership just for booking with Hertz.

5. National

Claim a 20% discount when traveling on official orders.

The National Car Rental military discount is about 5-10% for regular leisure travel and even up to 20% for traveling on official orders. Find more information about the National Car Rental military discount here.

Although named National Car Rental, this car rental company spans beyond the US. with over 1500 locations worldwide. Being a part of Veterans Advantage, you can save up to 25%!

6. Sixt

10% off with Veterans Advantage membership.

The SIXT military discount offers a 5% discount for any active-duty military members when you book a rental car. You get this 5% even before partnering with Veterans Advantage (get a 10% discount on your car rental through Veterans Advantage. SIXT doesn't have very many US locations and they will charge for driving outside of the appropriate territories.

7. Dollar Rent A Car

5% off Military Discount.

Dollar Rent A Car is focused on price and offers a military discount of 5% off your car rental. There are over 1,500 locations across the US and Canada. Save even more when you are a member of Veterans Advantage. See more on Dollar Car Rental military discount here.

8. Fox Rent A Car

5% off personal travel.

FOX Rent A Car Is a smaller car rental company but they offer a discount of 5% for all active duty and reserve Military personnel. If you are a Gold Star Families and Cadets you get a discount of up to 10% off. Here's where you can more information on FOX Rent A Car military discount.

Find the right car rental for you!

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