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2017 Air Force Reserve Birthday Is April 14

Posted on Friday, April 14, 2017

Fighter jetToday the Air Force Reserve celebrates its 69th birthday. Harry S. Truman created the Air Force Reserve in 1948 as a “Stand By” force that would provide backup support in times of greater need. Today the Reserves perform about 20 percent of the duties carried out by the Air Force.

What Does The Air Force Reserve Do?

Many people are not aware of all the important work carried out by the Air Force Reserve. Their birthday is the perfect time to learn more about the rescue missions, fighter squad missions, refueling missions and weather reconnaissance efforts of the Reserve. Here are just a few of the tasks the Air Force Reserve carries out:

  • Pararescue missions. When Airmen are trapped behind enemy lines or civilians are stranded during a natural disaster, Pararescuemen are often called in to help. Para-jumpers operate around the world, working under the motto “That others may live.”
  • Refueling missions. On longer flights, aircraft sometimes need refueling midflight. Because landing isn’t an option, the refueling needs to be done mid-air by another jet. This task is often carried out by Air Force Reserve units. 
  • Fixed Wing Aerial Spray Missions. Killing mosquitos is probably not something you think of when it comes to the Department of Defense. However, it’s an important aspect of controlling disease and the Air Force Reserve Command is the only division in the entire DoD that does it. Aerial Spray Missions help stop disease-carrying insects following natural disasters. These units also help control invasive vegetation and help eliminate oil spills in large bodies of water. 
  • Hurricane Hunters. Hunting for hurricanes is another task that no one else in the DoD does apart from the Air Force Reserve. The 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, perhaps better known as the Hurricane Hunters, has been flying into tropical storms since 1944. They do this to gather wind speed data and other information that makes it easier to predict where and when a tropical storm will make landfall.

How To Help Veterans Today

Reading about the heroic and important work of military members may have you wondering how you can give back to those who have given so much. Vehicles For Veterans has a great option for you! Donate your unwanted car, boat, Jet Ski, trailer, RV, motorcycle or any other vehicle. Your vehicle donation is tax deductible and you receive free towing from just about anywhere.

When you donate your old car to Vehicles For Veterans, the proceeds from your donation help fund programs that give veterans a better life. Call us today at 1-855-811-4838 or get started with our online car donation form.

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