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3 Defining Moments In Marine Corps History

3 Defining Moments In Marine Corps History
Posted on Friday, December 16, 2016

The Marine Corps has a long and rich history. From winning the first battle on foreign soil to introducing some of the first female teams on the front lines, the Marine Corps has made many strides in how our military works.

First Foreign Victory

After the American Revolution, the Marine Corps disbanded for a short time. When it was reinstated in 1798, the Marine Corps was sent to fight against the Barbary pirates, a group in northern Africa that was raiding American merchant ships. A small group of Marines undertook a 50-day march from Egypt to Tripoli, the capital city of what is now Libya. With the help of Navy ships, the Marines successfully seized the city, making it the first U.S. victory on foreign soil.  

Steps Towards Equality

In 1940, A. Philip Randolph met with President Franklin D. Roosevelt to help bring an end to institutional discrimination that kept African Americans from working in the nation’s defense industry. During this time, the U.S. was preparing for war as WWII was gaining more and more momentum.

Roosevelt issued an executive order that banned government agencies from refusing to employ people based on race, creed or national origin. This was the first presidential decree of its kind since the Reconstruction Era that followed the Civil War. The first basic training camp for African Americans was at Montford Point in Jacksonville, N.C. Today these trailblazing men are known as the Montford Marines.

Female Engagement Teams

In 2009, the Marines developed the Female Engagement Team (FET) program. These women were trained to gather intelligence and perform community outreach right alongside male peers on the frontlines in Afghanistan. In these areas, cultural sensitivities about gender mean that Marine FET units are able to communicate with local families and women without any cultural taboos being broken.  

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