Days Of Remembrance Of The Victims Of The Holocaust

Days Of Remembrance Of The Victims Of The Holocaust

From 1933 to 1945, more than 11 million people were killed in concentration camps under Adolf Hitler's rule. Six million of these people were Jews, but anyone else who resisted the Nazis or didn't fit into Hitler's view of a superior race, including Gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses and people with disabilities, was persecuted as well. Horrific events such as the Holocaust are painful to remember, but it's important that the world never forgets what people are capable of. 

Why Have Days Of Remembrance?

When history is forgotten, it tends to repeat itself. Even after such tragedy, genocide has continued to happen around the world in places such as Bosnia, Rwanda and Darfur. That's why it's important to set time aside to reflect on history. One such day is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Jan. 27, which coincides with the anniversary of the first concentration camp being liberated. Another is Days of Remembrance, an annual 8-day period that commemorates victims and survivors of the Holocaust. This year, Days of Remembrance begins on May 5.

The Importance Of Remembering Today

First and foremost, Days of Remembrance honors the victims of the Holocaust. It also remembers the people who risked their own lives and the lives of their families trying to rescue their friends and neighbors from persecution.  And finally, it recognizes the sacrifices of the Allied Forces during WWII.

As the Allies fought to win WWII, they came across countless prisoners held in concentration camps. The first camp was discovered by Soviet forces in July 1944. In January 1945, they freed the largest camp, Auschwitz. American troops were responsible for freeing the Buchenwald and Dachau prison camps. Prisoners suffered from starvation and disease until they were finally discovered and liberated by the Allied troops.

For many veterans and military members, looking back on the Holocaust provides an opportunity to understand how important it is to serve in a country that has the strength and will to help others who are suffering. Soldiers sacrifice so much fighting for our freedom and protecting innocent people around the world. Days of remembrance is the perfect time to reflect on their sacrifice and rethink what we often take for granted.

Not everyone enjoys the same freedoms or even basic amenities we use on a daily basis. In many ways, we owe these things to veterans and active duty service members who have served to make them possible. Days of Remembrance reminds us to be thankful for what we have.  

Make A Difference Today

One of the most important lessons from history is that being silent about wrongdoings only contributes to the suffering of others. If nothing else, Days of Remembrance aims to make people realize they can make a difference when they speak out against violence and hate.

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