The Easiest Way To Donate Your RV To Charity

The Easiest Way To Donate Your RV To Charity

It's hard to believe, but summer vacation—for the kids at least—is about half way over. For RV owners, that means only a few more weeks left to go camping this year. Many RV owners have gotten plenty of use out of their campers this year. However, if you are an RV owner and haven't gone camping yet this year, it may be time to think about how much you really need your camper.

Owning a camper or RV is expensive, but it's worth it for those who use their RVs for multiple camping trips each year. If you don't fall into that category, you may be feeling weighed down by the burdens of owning an RV that you don't even use. Getting rid of it may seem like an even bigger hassle, but that's not the case when you use Vehicles For Veterans to get rid of your RV!

Is It Time To Get Rid Of Your RV?

Before donating, you need to decide whether it's the right time to get rid of your RV. Many people who own RVs use them every chance they get and would never dream of getting rid of it. However, that doesn't apply to every RV owner. If you find yourself in any of these situations, it might be time to donate your old RV:

  • You haven't been camping yet this year and haven't made any plans to do so yet. If you haven't planned any RV trips this far, it's unlikely that you will before summer is over.
  • You're only keeping it because you don't want to go through the pain of selling it. There are many RV owners who simply hold onto an unwanted camper or RV because they don't know what else to do with it.
  • Your RV has been sitting at the end of your driveway with a "For Sale" sign on it for months. Finding the right buyer—or any buyer—for an RV is often a long and tedious process that takes months.
  • The RV was fun when your kids were little but now you never use it. Many families buy an RV to make it easier or more fun to camp with their small children. When the kids grow up, families often find that they never use the RV anymore.
  • Paying for fuel is getting old. There's no getting around the fact that RVs are gas guzzlers. This makes it a much more expensive mode of transportation than just about any other vehicle.
  • The RV is taking up all the room in your shed. Those lucky enough to have a large storage shed may grow tired of the fact that the RV hogs the whole space when not in use.
  • Paying for storage is creating a financial burden for your family. Not everyone has the room to store their RV at home. Renting a storage space can be extremely costly for a vehicle as large as an RV.
  • You're tired of paying for RV insurance. Typically, RV insurance costs less than car insurance because you use it far less often than a regular vehicle. However, an annual rate can cost up to $1,500 or more for the typical RV.
  • Traveling with an RV has become more trouble than its worth. Let's face it, driving or pulling a gigantic RV through busy traffic or on narrow country roads can be stressful to say the least.

We Make It Easy To Donate An RV To Charity

If any of these reasons keep you from enjoying your RV or even using it at all, it might be time to downsize or get rid of your RV altogether. At Vehicles For Veterans, we know that it can be hard to get rid of a vehicle that brought you so many fun memories in the past. Because of that, we make the donation process easy and stress free for our donors. Perks of donating your RV include free pick-up, a great tax deduction, and an easy way to help support veterans' charities.

All you need to do to donate your RV is call Vehicles For Veterans at 1-855-811-4838 or fill out an online donation form. Let us take care of all the rest!

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