May 20 Is Armed Forces Day 2017

May 20 Is Armed Forces Day 2017

Armed Forces Day is celebrated each year on the third Saturday of May. With many other patriotic holidays throughout the year, you may be wondering what Armed Forces Day is and how to celebrate. This day has its roots back in 1949 around the time that the separate branches of the armed forces were unified under the Department of Defense.

Previously, the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force each had their own day of celebration. Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson created the day to replace each of the individual days of celebration. The only branch that declined to drop the celebration of their own day was the Marine Corps, but they do support Armed Forces Day. The first Armed Forces Day was celebrated May 20, 1950.

How To Celebrate Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day might not be as heavily celebrated as Memorial Day, but some groups, organizations and cities still do something special to recognize the day. This is especially true in places that have a strong military presence such as a local base.

In your area, you may find groups hosting motorcycle rides that honor veterans, parades, military displays, open houses and other events. If there isn't a local celebration going on, there are plenty of other ways you can honor veterans this month, since it is National Military Appreciation Month. 

Donate Your Car On Armed Forces Day

Another great way to support veterans today is one that you might not have thought of before. You can donate a car, boat, RV, motorcycle, trailer Jet Ski or any other vehicle to Vehicles For Veterans.

We will take your unwanted vehicle off your hands and you'll enjoy all the perks of car donation. These include free towing from any location, the maximum possible tax deduction and a great way to help veterans. The proceeds from your donation to Vehicles For Veterans go towards programs that help veterans and their families. Learn more about all the causes we support here.

If you have a car to donate, all you need to do is call us at 1-855-811-4838 or fill out an online car donation form. We'll arrange a convenient time for your car to be picked up and we'll take care of all the paperwork. All you need to do after making your donation is look for your tax receipt to arrive in the mail. Simply save this and use it on your taxes in the following year.

On a day like Armed Forces Day, you can make a difference for veterans just by donating your car to Vehicles For Veterans! 

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