Benefit Veterans Airlift Command With Car Donation

Benefit Veterans Airlift Command With Car Donation

Did you know that Veterans Airlift Command (VAC) is one of the many veterans charities Vehicles For Veterans benefits? That means you can donate a car to help the amazing Veterans Airlift Command mission. The unwanted car isn’t worth much to you, but it can make a big difference for veterans and their families.

Vehicles For Veterans executive Loren Dorshow (left) presenting $2.5 million check to Walt Fricke, chairman, CEO and Founder of Veterans Airlift Command.

About Veterans Airlift Command

Veterans Airlift Command provides veterans and their families free air transportation for medical and other compassionate reasons. They focus primarily on post 9/11 wounded veterans. They accomplish the air travel through an amazing network of volunteer pilots and aircraft owners.  

In total donations to date (6/23/2022), Vehicles For Veterans has surpassed $2.5 million supporting Veterans Airlift Command! That is all from people like you generously donating their cars. To the veterans and families of VAC, your vehicle donation means an opportunity to be together as a family. These veterans are often separated from family and experiencing long-term medical attention for devastating injuries.

Your car donation’s impact is far greater than financial help. It helps brings separated families together during a crucial time.

How Vehicles For Veterans Benefits Veterans Airlift Command

Vehicles For Veterans accepts car donations. We take the proceeds from the donations and benefit veterans charities. One of those veterans charities is Veterans Airlift Command. We have donated over $2.5 million to Veterans Airlift Command as of June 23, 2022. We’re excited to see that number grow.

All of that help for VAC comes from generous car donations! People with an unwanted vehicle can donate it to Vehicles For Veterans. We DO NOT give vehicles to veterans. We take the proceeds from the auction or recycling. We get the most possible value from the vehicle and give the proceeds to veterans charities. We are a nonprofit vehicle donation organization.

Vehicles For Veterans Makes Car Donation Easy

Vehicles For Veterans provides amazing incentive to donate your vehicle. These include:

  • Helping veterans! Your car donation benefits veterans charities including Veterans Airlift Command and many more!
  • Free pick up and towing! We come to you with free towing. We accept most vehicles, running or not.
  • Tax deductible receipt! Your donation comes with a tax-deductible receipt in the mail. Use that on your 1098-c form to claim your deduction!
  • Amazing donation team! Our experience representatives guide you through our convenient donation process.

You can donate your car to Vehicles For Veterans today by calling 1-855-811-4838 or fill out our online donation form.

Donate today to help veterans!

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