Counseling Awareness Month 2017

Counseling Awareness Month 2017

Group therapyApril is Counseling Awareness Month. While other months focus on bringing understanding and awareness to mental health issues, April focuses on recognizing mental health professionals. The American Counseling Association brings attention to the important work that counselors do every day in schools, hospitals, addiction recovery facilities and even career counseling centers. 

Counselors also play an incredibly important role for veterans. When veterans return from service, it can be incredibly challenging to cope with injuries, traumatic experiences, life changes and the adjustment to civilian life. Counselors help give veterans the tools and resources they need to live better lives.

How To Help This April

During Counseling Awareness Month, you can make a difference by learning about the different types of counselors who help veterans. Not only does this help bring awareness to those who help veterans, it can also help veterans learn more about the resources available to them. During April, help spread what you learn about counseling for veterans on social media, or to your friends and coworkers!

Counseling For Veterans

There are many different types of counseling that people can benefit from, but some types are specifically geared towards veterans. Here are a few types of counseling that can help veterans lead better lives:

  • PTSD counseling. PTSD is a very real problem for many veterans. Treatment allows veterans to open up about their feelings rather than keeping everything inside. The VA offers PTSD counseling all around the country. In areas without a close-by facility, the VA offers outpatient centers and other methods for PTSD counseling.
  • Substance abuse counseling. Many veterans struggle with alcohol, tobacco or drug abuse, but help is available. Counseling can help veterans deal with triggers and relapse risks. It can also help vets repair relationships that have suffered due to substance abuse.
  • Bereavement counseling. Losing a companion during war is an incredibly traumatic event. Veterans who are living with grief can benefit greatly from counseling or group therapy.  
  • Counseling for female veterans. Although female veterans can still face mental health issues such as, women often have a different military experience than their male counterparts. Treatments that specifically address women's experiences can be highly beneficial for female veterans.
  • Readjustment counseling. Returning home from service is a huge change. Life as an active duty service member can be so different from civilian life that veterans struggle to find normalcy and meaning in their lives when their military service ends.
  • Military sexual trauma (MST) counseling. For veterans who have been the victim of sexual abuse or harassment, MST counseling can help. Treatments may include talk therapy, group counseling, marital counseling and referrals for assistance with benefits.
  • Career counseling. Finding civilian employment after military service can be a challenge. Many of the skills acquired during military service are difficult to translate into equivalents for work experience.
  • Suicide prevention. Veterans in need of immediate help for a mental health crisis should either call 911, go to the nearest emergency room, or call the Veterans Crisis line at 1-800-273-8255 (press 1 for veteran assistance).

Other Ways To Help Veterans

After you share what you learn about counseling for veterans, you may be wondering what other ways there are to help veterans. Vehicles For Veterans has a great way that just about anyone can participate in! If you have an unwanted vehicle, whether it's a car, boat, Jet Ski, horse trailer, ATV, motorcycle, RV or anything else, you can donate your vehicle to charity. Your vehicle donation to Vehicles For Veterans helps fund programs and charities that give veterans a better life.

All you need to do to donate your car is call 1-855-811-4838 or fill out an online car donation form today! 

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