Help Veterans And The Environment With A Car Donation On Earth Day

Help Veterans And The Environment With A Car Donation On Earth Day

There are plenty of ways to celebrate Earth Day on April 22. Whether you're cleaning up a roadside, recycling something new, or simply learning more about the environment, you can make a difference! One of the easiest ways things you can do today is donate your car to Vehicles For Veterans. Not only does your car donation help give veterans a better life, it also helps the environment. We auction or recycle donated vehicles and the proceeds go towards programs for disabled veterans.

Benefits Of Donating Your Car

Recycling your vehicle is a great way to kick off your Earth Day celebrations. A typical passenger car is about 65 percent steel, which can be recycled to make new vehicles. Recycling just one ton of steel conserves approximately 2,500 pounds of iron ore and 1,400 pounds of coal. As a whole, the steel recycling industry saves the same amount of energy used to power 18 million homes per year. You can contribute to that just by donating your car!

If you're ready to donate a car, it only takes a few minutes of your day. You can donate right now by calling 1-855-811-4838 or filling out an online car donation form. Not only does your donation benefit veterans, you will also receive free towing and a great tax deduction! 

Spread Awareness On Earth Day

Car donation is just one great way to spend Earth Day. Awareness of environmental issues is another important aspect of Earth Day. You can make a difference today by learning more about what contributes to climate change and why it matters to protect the environment.

A lot of factors cause climate change, but one of the main contributors in the U.S. is actually our own military. However, the issue is more complex than many people realize. The military's environmental impact is an issue year-round, but Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to look at it more closely.  

The Military And Climate Change

The military has always had a complex relationship with the environment. Statistically, the Department of Defense (DoD) is the largest consumer of energy and producer of greenhouse gasses in the U.S. With its many facilities, bases and on-base military housing, the DoD spends close to $20 billion in energy costs each year. Even more resources are used to carry out military operations that support national security.

The fact that protecting our freedom comes before protecting the environment is what makes the issue so complicated. However, the DoD also recognizes that climate change is itself a matter of national security. Climate change can destabilize entire countries by increasing poverty and reducing people's access to basic resources like food and water. This increases the likelihood of war as groups confront one another in order to control or have access to resources.

To address climate change, the DoD and other major branches of the government are continually adopting new environmentally-friendly practices where possible. New technology is also being developed with the help of the DoD. Our military has always been a driving force for new developments in technology. Many people don't realize that we can thank the military for helping create the Internet, personal computers, GPS and many other things we use on a daily basis.

Today the military is helping to develop new biofuels, solar energy and other clean energy sources. These technologies will eventually replace less-efficient technology, but they may also help the military address security issues that arise as a result of climate change. Just as the Internet and GPS technology are available for regular consumers today, clean energy advances will benefit us in the future as well.

Celebrate Earth Day All Year

On Earth Day, the environment is on everyone's mind. It's the perfect time to start new environmentally-friendly habits, learn more about environmental issues and spread the word about how you're making a difference. "Make every day Earth Day" may be a cliché, but with environmental issues affecting our lives in more ways each year, it's worth trying!

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