Donate Your Old Car And Upgrade To New Technology

Donate Your Old Car And Upgrade To New Technology

Over the past few years, and in the near future, exciting new car technology is changing the way people drive. If you are still driving an unwanted, outdated car, now is a great time to upgrade. When you move up to the newest car technology, you can donate your old car to Vehicles For Veterans. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Vehicles For Veterans uses donations from people like you to benefit disabled and other veterans charities. All you need to do is call 1-855-811-4838 or fill out an online donation form

Car companies have changed the game, and it is a great time to move on from your old car and try some of the newest advanced features. If you aren’t sure about current car technology or some of the exciting technology to come, here are some of the latest developments in the world of cars!

Autonomous Vehicles

These vehicles will be more prevalent in the near future than they are now. However, even now autonomous technology is exciting. Cars won’t completely drive on their own right away, but soon cars will be able to take control on those long, rural highways. Plus, many cars already have a driver override feature. These cars have awesome features like automatic braking, hands-free parallel parking and lane departure warnings and assistance. Autonomous vehicles are moving in a safer, more convenient direction.

Safety And Security

Car companies are starting to move toward keyless access and fingerprint accessibility. For this technology, think about the latest smartphones. All you need to do to unlock and use them is use your fingerprint. This biometric vehicle access is the future and present of cars. Not only is it convenient to not have to carry keys, but it’s also great for security. Only you will be able to open and start your car with this awesome technology.

Another way to crack down on theft is with remote vehicle shutdown. Car owners will have the ability to track and shut down their cars from anywhere. This makes police chases far less dramatic while reducing the stress of car ownership.

One other great up-and-coming safety feature for new cars is smart airbags. These airbags are safer for kids as they have multiple levels of deployment depending on impact. If drivers are in a low-impact accident, the airbags won’t fully deploy, which is much safer for children.

Efficient Cars

Another technology that will change the game when it is more common is vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication. Cars, through a network, will be able to warn each other about road closures, construction and bad weather. This V2V communication will also help when cars travel together, helping these convoys to travel the same route faster and more efficiently. Plus, for commuters, these cars will have the smarts to kill traffic and keep the flow moving.

The other important form of efficiency for cars of the near future is fuel efficiency. Car companies are working on technology to turn all sorts of energy into fuel for cars. One of these ideas already in motion is getting energy from shock absorption when cars hit bumps or potholes. 

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