National Veterans Golden Age Games

National Veterans Golden Age Games

The 2016 National Veterans Golden Age Games will take place in Detroit, Michigan July 10-14. This is an astounding event that shows the remarkable strengths and abilities of veterans around the U.S. Veterans competing are 55 and older you will be able to see them participate in events that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to see.

About The Event

This event is held for veterans 55 and older. It is the largest sport and recreation event in the world for veterans of this age group. This veterans-only event shows the world how rehabilitation and staying fit and healthy are important. The VA has put an emphasis on health and fitness over the years. Their goal is for veterans to live a healthier and longer life. For many years before the Golden Age Games started the VA would hold recreational activities at local VA hospitals and nursing homes around the U.S. When the health and fitness movement started, the VA got inspired to get the aging veterans involved as well.

1985 is when the first Golden Age Games took place in Albany, Georgia. They had 115 competitors representing VA medical facilities around the U.S. This event gave aging veterans a goal to work toward. They now had a reason to get up, get in shape and do their best to win the event they were participating in. This truly shows how much the VA cares about veterans’ health and wellbeing. The Golden Age Games is the most progressive and adaptive rehabilitation event in the world.

As the event grew they adapted to the special needs of the participants. They have different age groups and gender divisions for some of the activities. They also made events for veterans that face medical challenges like physical or visual impairments. They made sure to adapt so whoever wanted to participate was able to. The way they adapted to the wants and needs of participants showed other senior sport organizations around the U.S. how to involve everyone, who may otherwise be unable to because of their medical situation.

Since 2004 the Golden Age Games is a qualifier for the National Senior Games. The participants that receive gold, silver or bronze in certain events are able to compete further against other senior athletes at the National Senior Games. This growing event has over 700 participants; with the 70 and older age group being the largest.

If this event is something that you would like to go to, or volunteer at, click the link for more info.

How You Can Give Back

If you can’t make the event and would still like to help veterans, we have a way you can help. If you have an unused vehicle that has been taking up space for far too long, you can donate it to Vehicles For Veterans. We are 501(c)(3) car donation program and this means that your donation is fully tax deductible. We make donating easy all you have to do is fill out the online donation form or call 1-855-811-4838. We hope you take this opportunity to give back to those who fought for our country.


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