How To Support Veterans During Military Appreciation Month

How To Support Veterans During Military Appreciation Month

Military Appreciation Month is in full swing. May was chosen as Military Appreciation Month because it's also when we celebrate several patriotic days such as Loyalty Day, V-E Day, Military Spouse Appreciation Day and Memorial Day. Military Appreciation Month is all about honoring military members and remembering the sacrifices they have made in their service. Military appreciation events also strengthen connections between the military and communities across the country.

Many local businesses show their appreciation by offering extra discounts for veterans and active duty service members. However, you don't need to be a business owner to show your support. During Military Appreciation Month this May, there are countless ways to thank veterans and military members for all they do.

Fly The American Flag At Your Home

Perhaps you already display the flag each day, but May is a great time to start if you don't already. The American flag is arguably the most prominent symbol of our freedom, which veterans have fought so hard for. If it's been a while since you've flown the flag, you may want to brush up on flag etiquette beforehand.

Thank A Veteran For Their Service

Most veterans appreciate when people acknowledge their service. Shaking a veteran's hand or saying "Thank you for your service" is a respectful way to show you support veterans. Many veterans prefer a short and simple "thank you," but others may be open to a longer conversation about their military service. No matter how you say thanks, it's important to remember that not every veteran will respond the same way.

Send A USO Care Package

Basic commodities can be hard to come by for military members stationed overseas. A great way to show your appreciation this month is to assemble a military care package. USO is one of the main service organizations that sends care packages. To send a package, find a local USO Center and let them know you're interested in sending a package. Your local center will let you know if they can send packages and whether there is a current need. Follow these tips for creating the perfect care package.

Spread The Word About Military Discounts

If you're a military member or a veteran, there are countless promotional offers going on in May that you can take advantage of. Many restaurants, department stores, museums, zoos and hotels give special discounts for veterans this month. If you aren't in the military, let your military friends and family know of any military perks you come across this May.

Donate Your Car To Support Disabled Veterans

One of the best ways you can support veterans this month is donating your car to Vehicles For Veterans. When you donate a car, you can help give disabled veterans a better life. Car donation is also beneficial to you. Donating your car will give you a great tax deduction and free towing.

Donate your car during Military Appreciation Month by calling 1-855-811-4838 or filling out an online car donation form

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