Interesting Facts And Information About U.S. military Uniforms

Interesting Facts And Information About U.S. military Uniforms

There are many things that people don’t know about military uniforms and how they should be properly worn.

Clothing Allowance

    • There is an initial clothing allowance given to enlisted members only. The Marine Corps allowance is the highest among the armed forces. However they are the only military service that gives less to the women. The men receive $2,007.82 for their clothing allowance and the women receive $1,945.65.
    • A cash clothing replacement is given to enlisted members each year after their initial allowance.  The replacement allowance is given to replace uniform items based on their normal wear and tear.
    • Extra clothing allowance is only provided under unusual circumstances, such as if they’re assigned a task that requires them to wear civilian clothing.

Combat Boots

    • In the 1820s American Soldiers wore ankle high boots. They did not have a left boot or right boot, and this way they could be worn on either foot. The reason for this was so soldiers didn’t get confused with what boot goes on which foot. This design was very uncomfortable until they were able to wear them in so it would fit their foot better.
    • World War II was the first time the military introduced the first official military boot. The boots had clasps to make it easier to get on and off. They also had a sole and heel and were made out of rubber. These boots were worn until the beginning of the Vietnam War.
    • When soldiers were in Vietnam, they noticed the boots weren’t good in all the elements that Vietnam had to offer. The U.S. military saw this and decided to have a new boot designed by Wellco. They wanted a design that was better fit for these conditions. The military was impressed with this design and style of boot. They decided to have all the military boots based off this design. 


    • The uniform must fit correctly, not too tight and not too loose.
    • Jackets and skirts have to be roll pressed so they don’t have any creases.
    • Pants and shirts are allowed to be pressed and can have creases.
    • Women can wear earrings but only one in each ear, whereas men are not allowed to have anything pierced; if they do they have to take it out.

How You Can Give Back

The military uniform has been worn throughout history. The design has changed a little as advancements in cloth and other things are able to help soldiers move around easier, and stay warm or cool depending on where they are located. As these advancements are being made, more and more soldiers are coming home. They need help getting back on their feet, and we have a fantastic opportunity for you to help.

If you have an unused vehicle and you don’t want to go through the hassle of towing it or selling it, you can donate it to Vehicles For Veterans. We are 501(c)(3) car donation program and this means that your

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