Minneapolis Car Donation Provides A Better Life For Veterans

Minneapolis ,Minnesota

Have you ever wanted to personally thank a veteran? Car donation is the perfect opportunity to give back to veterans who have served for our country while also letting a disabled veteran know just how thankful you are for their sacrifice. Car donations to Vehicles For Veterans, your donation helps disabled veterans and other veteran programs. Plus, when you donate a car, truck, RV, SUV, trailer, boat, or any other vehicle, you get free towing and a tax deduction!

Make A Difference In The Life Of A Veteran

Many programs help veterans take advantage of all the benefits available to them, and fight for the interests of veterans. Veterans' programs are an excellent resource for veterans and their families. Donate your car in the land of 10,000 lakes.

Cultivate a habitat For humanity with a car donation to Vehicles For Veterans.
The Gary Sinise Foundation RISE program dedicates a new smart home to US Army Staff Sgt (Ret.) Jay Fondren and his family on April 28, 2021. Your generous car donations make veteran care like this possible.

You Even Benefit From Minneapolis Car Donation

When you donate a vehicle in Minneapolis, you can be sure that your donation will benefit veterans in need. Plus, you even receive some great benefits for donating a car:

  • Receive free pick-up or towing of most makes and models of vehicles, running or not. We pick up your vehicle anywhere in Minnesota, including St. Paul, Rochester and Minneapolis.
  • Enjoy the maximum possible tax deduction for your charity vehicle donations.
  • Receive professional and knowledgeable service that makes the vehicle donation process easy and simple.
  • You will feel great knowing your vehicle will help deserving veterans. If you have a veteran in the family, you know what wonderful work veterans' services do for them.

Vehicle donation is a great way to give back to veterans in Minneapolis, MN. Our Twin Cities car donation program makes life easier for veterans and their families while getting you free towing and a tax deduction.

Donating Your Car In The Twin Cities Is Easy With Us

If you have a veteran in the family or maybe you just want to do something great for veterans, donate a car, truck, boat, motorcycle, or any other vehicle, whether the vehicle runs or not. Vehicles For Veterans accepts most makes and models of vehicles and either auctions them off for new owners to enjoy or the vehicles are recycled and reused to build new vehicles. Vehicle donation and recycling also contributes to the green movement in Minneapolis!

To Donate, Please Follow These Three Simple Steps:

  • Call 1-855-811-4838 or fill out an online donation form. Our vehicle donation specialists will contact you within 24 hours of the next business day.
  • You will receive free pick up or towing of your vehicle, whether the vehicle runs or not
  • We will mail you a copy of your car donation receipt – save this tax receipt and deduct it from your taxes at tax time

Donate your car today and show your appreciation to deserving veterans! A donated vehicle can be the key to providing support to the great service members of this country.

Donate Your Vehicle And Give Back To Disabled Veterans

Of the 19.6 million veterans in the U.S., many require support that comes from your vehicle donation. To donate your vehicle call or fill out the form below.