San Francisco Car Donation Can Help A Veteran In Need

Did you know that you could help veterans all over the nation just by donating your car in San Francisco, CA?

The proceeds from your Bay Area donation to Vehicles For Veterans help fund programs for disabled veterans and other veterans in need. Donate car to help veterans and their families!

Your San Francisco car donation helps veterans get the resources they need to thrive in a life post-service.

Why Donate Your Car In San Francisco?

San Francisco vehicle donations are beneficial for both you and the veterans' programs that benefit from your donation.

While the proceeds from your donation go to help charity, you will enjoy the other great benefits of donating a car:

  • You receive fast and free pick up or towing of your vehicle from cities like Los AngelesLong BeachSan DiegoSan FranciscoOaklandSacramentoSan JoseIrvine, Santa Rosa, Anaheim, Riverside, Santa Ana, Santa Clara, Fremont, Hayward, Sunnyvale, Fairfield, Mountain View, and everywhere else in the state. Donors don't pay anything to have their vehicle towed when they choose Vehicles For Veterans San Francisco.
  • Donate a car to get the highest possible tax deduction. Vehicles For Veterans is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your donation to our program is completely tax deductible.
  • Acceptance of most vehicles regardless of whether they run or not. In most cases, we can accept cars, boats, RVs, motorcycles and more in any condition, even if it's a junk car. No matter its condition, your vehicle will help veterans when we accept it as a donation.
  • Customer service from our friendly staff. If you have any questions about making a charitable San Francsico car donation, we're here to help! Our donation representatives can help with questions about vehicle titles, towing, tax deductions and much more.
©K9s For Warriors benefits when you donate your car to Vehicles For Veterans.

Donate A Car In San Francisco To Help Veterans

If you have a vehicle you'd like to donate, our staff is ready to take your call! Follow these easy steps and your car will be on its way from the bay area to help veterans and get a great tax deduction.

  • Call 1-855-811-4838 or use our vehicle donation form to make your donation online.
  • We'll find a convenient day for your vehicle to be picked up and we'll schedule your towing time. If you donate online, we'll contact you within 24 hours of the next business day to schedule your vehicle towing time. We pick up car donations anywhere in San Francisco. Free towing makes our car donation program even better!
  • After we receive your car, it will be auctioned or recycled. The proceeds from its sale benefit veterans' charities that provide important services for our nation's veterans. Car donations to Vehicles For Veterans help veterans all over the country.
  • We'll mail you a tax-deductible receipt that you can use to claim your tax deduction. Save this in your files and use it on next year's taxes. Your amazing tax deduction confirms it pays to donate!

Turn Your Vehicle Into Much More

San Francisco residents have a great opportunity to give back to veterans everywhere. All it takes is a quick and easy car donation to Vehicles For Veterans. If you have a car, boat, RV or motorcycle, turn it into so much more than a vehicle by donating it today!

If you are wondering where the vehicle identification number is, what to do with the seller owner field on your title, what to do with the purchaser field, or any other question, please give us a call and our knowledgeable donation specialists will assist you. We accept virtually any make, model, color, and size of vehicle. We take cars, trucks, motorcycles, RV's, SUV's, boats, trailers, and more. Unlike other car donation programs, we are a 501(c)(3) organization. That means no processing fees, no advanced remarketing services, and no funny business when you are donating your car.

We pick up your car for free, nearly anywhere in the North American United States.

Donate Your Vehicle And Give Back To Disabled Veterans

Of the 19.6 million veterans in the U.S., many require support that comes from your vehicle donation. To donate your vehicle call or fill out the form below.